7 Tips to Keep Your E-Bike Safe and Secure

Buying a defended lock for your e-bike is a acceptable aegis measure, but you may aswell wish to try some added techniques to assure your investment. Accustomed beneath are some tips that may advice you accomplish your e-bike a lot safer.


Ideally, you may wish to accept a accessible abode to esplanade your e-bike. Bikes are beneath decumbent to annexation in a accessible abode because they can’t breach a lock in the attendance of a lot of people. Moreover, befitting your bike locked-up about for the accomplished day or night is not a acceptable idea. Moreover, you may wish to attending for defended things for locking your bike to, such as bike parking area, a artery assurance or tree, a fence, or a handrail.

High cartage areas

It is a acceptable abstraction to esplanade your e-bike in a accessible place, but not all accessible places are acceptable for this purpose. Esplanade your bike area parking is allowed. This is added important if you are traveling to esplanade added than one bike.


It’s a acceptable abstraction to defended your helmet as well. For ease, you should just defended it to your bike. If your bike has a detachable, you may wish to yield it with you. As a amount of fact, some advertisement can be removed from the bike added easily.


When your bike is at home, you may wish to put it in your garage, beneath a tarp or shed. Usually, thieves beat up the adjacency if they get into a architecture or house. Therefore, you may not wish to let them atom your bike.

Serial number

You may wish to agenda down the consecutive amount of your bike. If your bike gets stolen, the consecutive amount will be asked for by the badge so that they can locate your bike for you. Usually, the consecutive amount can be begin on the basal of the bracket number. It’s aswell a acceptable abstraction to adumbrate your acquaintance advice base of a section of cardboard pasted about on the bike, such as the bench tube or the handlebars.

Smartphone tracking

This developing technology is allotment of some e-bikes, and you can add a few systems to your bike. Actually, GPS tracking can advice you locate your bike if it gets absent or stolen. With this abundant feature, you can acquisition out absolutely area your e-bike is at a specific time. Aside from this, you may aswell wish to add an anxiety to your bike, which will active you whenever anyone will try to alter with the vehicle.

Get e-bike Insurance

As an added aegis feature, you may wish to get e-bike insurance. This allowance action will accommodate bigger advantage than a homeowner allowance policy. Therefore, we awful acclaim that you accede affairs this allowance policy.

Long adventure short, if you accept been searching to defended your e-bike, we advance that you yield into annual the tips accustomed above. This will accomplish abiding that your bike is safe and complete no amount area you esplanade it.

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